Elemental Productions & Andrejs Lazdiņš (Owner/ Operator) provides full-service multimedia productions & inspections based out of the Dunedin, Florida; serving local and nationwide clientele.

With nearly two decades of photo & video expertise, my mission is to capture unique and distinct perspectives, to surpass expectations. Pledging to search for that spot, that interest, that greatness. I live for the challenge of what others think is unattainable and few dare to go for. Taking the sliver of an idea and constructing your messaging into an engaging, expressive, original product. Striving to go beyond the usual and create innovative productions.

I aim to create and distribute top-quality assets that will strengthen your brand. My network of resources are made up of professional's with extensive amounts of talent. All with one thought in mind: "We are dedicated to the advancement and production of photography and videography while encompassing all phases of professionalism.”

I also offer a vast range of targeted business opportunities for partnerships with other companies, media/ industry partners and affiliates. Encompassing asset distribution and licensing, brand partnerships, volunteering, and advertising media across creative, web/ mobile, print, TV, commercial channels.

I pride myself in quality, honesty, and service!